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My name is Emilia and apart from being an Award Winning Professional Photographer, I am also a mother to two incredible souls, Aleksander and Pola. If it wasn’t for my children I would probably never discover photography, and what significance it has to our lives. Soon after my son’s birth, it struck me how quickly he changes and how important it is to capture all those fleeting moments, Those big First moments in his life, his first smile, first steps, first Birthday …because what else would we have to look look back at and remember how tiny he once was?

I started learning about basics of using light in photography and putting all my efforts in making the best portraits I possibly could. Then, two years later my heart grew a little more and welcomed my beautiful baby daughter to this world. At this point I was inseparable with my camera (I didn’t put it away even during my daughter’s labour!) and capturing my sweet babies’ in photographs became my greatest passion to this day. I am particularly proud of my journey into becoming a professional photographer, and even more so as my work has been nationally recognised and awarded throughout the years.

To me photographs holds a very special value. Simply put, they are what’s left after We are gone. Photography enables me to freeze time, paint a beautiful image of Your memories and preserve it for You for years to come. This is what I want to share with my clients! My talent, my unique vision and passion to hold those moments and preserve for a lifetime! This is what I do for my family and what I’d love to share with You!

Presenting You with beautiful images to look back at in a few years and recall how incredible this time was for Your family. How much You and Your children changed over the years.

I specialise in pregnancy, newborn, children and family photography.

I’m happy to say I’m fully trained in baby safety, therefore you can be certain your precious bundle of joy rests in safe hands. I always strive to make every session a unique experience, which means you are also welcome to add an extra personal touch with suggestions for specific props and set ups.

A sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, or on location of your choice. I have all the props, hats, outfits and headbands for both babies and mums-to-be in a little mobile studio. I pay particular attention to the quality of my props and outfits and all items used during the photo session ensure highest quality available. There’s no extra charge to cover traveling expenses involved for bookings in Bradford. Clients located further away will be quoted individually.

For further information or to book your session get in touch, please via the contact section -> CLICK HERE


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